Pounced has been updated to the latest glitch-soc version v2.8.0+glitch

Sorry for our recent downtime this was due to a drive issue with the server, this has now been solved!

Hey everyone I'm a little short on money this month if anyone can help keep pounced.me online, it's appreciated - this is aimed at pounced users


Pounced is going down for a quick system reboot

Not sure where to start?

Check out the federated timeline and you will find some stuff in there and people you may end up following!

We have now got the mutant emoji set, I need the credit that on the front page once I'm at a computer

Welcome to Pounced.me, We are a mastodon instance and are running the Glitch fork of Mastodon

Feel free to invite your friends and pounce around the federation!

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