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So I just released my app I been using on my phone for ages for furry radio stations and stations I listen to normally lol - check it out, find upcoming conventions and listen to our streams!

Well thats pounced back online after its maintenance

Sorry for the downtime on, i have been soo busy recently i didn't even notice it had actually died

im not sure if i will be keeping running in 2019 yet

I got rid of my Xperia xa1 it pissed me off too much and got an original pixel now

The Starpaw Show is going live! 21:00-00:00 [UTC]

-⊱ Broadcaster - RaithSphere Starpaw and Strangelove
-⊱ Listen in -

Wow I just realised I have had the same phone number for 19 years now

Hey everyone I'm a little short on money this month if anyone can help keep online, it's appreciated - this is aimed at pounced users instance has been suspended for being a single user instance with a bot that does not respect

Having no time for social recently been sooo busy =\

its sad to hear that tuxspace is closing its doors, but i can understand why @ojbr is giving up on it, it gets stressful at times and server stuff always eats into your free time

AllFurradio is looking for broadcaster.
want to do radio? bring joy to the masses? now your chance.maybe you have a podcast and want to take it to the next level , you have no experience we provide the tech and skills to become a broadcaster.
Like our show 2 Vixens and a Wolf Or live con shows like we did Furrydelphia we are where you want to be to become a broadcaster. years of experience full licensed but most of all we are a family so come join our family.

Thanks for yesterday was good having a chat with everyone!

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