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Heya! I'm @RaithSphere Administrator of

I'm a Furry who is into gaming and programming!

I mostly program PHP, HTML and Python, sometimes dabbling in other things, I am also a server administrator of a couple of things including discord bots and random scripts, I also program LSL in Second Life from time to time

Oh i am also a major nerd and linux user :D

Any other questions? Lemme know. :3

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Want to listen to Fur radio stations or even a few other selected stations, check out my app

So I just released my app I been using on my phone for ages for furry radio stations and stations I listen to normally lol - check it out, find upcoming conventions and listen to our streams!

Well thats pounced back online after its maintenance

Sorry for the downtime on, i have been soo busy recently i didn't even notice it had actually died

im not sure if i will be keeping running in 2019 yet

I got rid of my Xperia xa1 it pissed me off too much and got an original pixel now

The Starpaw Show is going live! 21:00-00:00 [UTC]

-⊱ Broadcaster - RaithSphere Starpaw and Strangelove
-⊱ Listen in -

Wow I just realised I have had the same phone number for 19 years now

Hey everyone I'm a little short on money this month if anyone can help keep online, it's appreciated - this is aimed at pounced users instance has been suspended for being a single user instance with a bot that does not respect

Having no time for social recently been sooo busy =\

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